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Affordable Housing

This housing refers to housing options that are reasonably priced and within the financial means of a specific group of people, typically those with moderate to low incomes. Affordable housing is a critical component of a healthy community, promoting stability and providing access to safe and decent living conditions. Here are some strategies and approaches […]

Why Have House Prices Stalled?

February has seen average house prices hit a plateau, for numerous reasons. Why have house prices stalled? Why Have House Prices Stalled? The Situation The busiest time of the year for home moves is soon to arrive. In the spring, more people begin looking for a new house, and we start to see more properties […]

Why House Prices Rise

The average asking price has risen consistently over several years. Recently, compared to little over £9,000 in the two years prior, by around £40,000 in the two years since the pandemic started.As government lifted Covid limitations, and people start returning to their jobs in the city, London has had its greatest annual rate of price […]

The Current Housing Market

Since the doomed mini-budget, and the uncertainty that followed it, there has been lots of news about how government announcements might impact the housing market. So, because we’re able to see any changes in home-mover behaviour in real time, we’ve taken a closer look to find out what’s changed in the past month. Here’s some […]

Why Are House Prices Rising?

Economic forecasters have been predicting a crash in property prices for decades now, and recent times are no different. And yet still the opposite trend occurs. We ask – why are house prices rising? Why Are House Prices Rising? The Main Reason There has been a lot of discussion recently regarding the potential impact of […]