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How To Avoid Supermarkets During The Pandemic

As the UK continues to struggle through a global pandemic, there remains for many the anxiety and fear that comes with social interaction. However, we all have vital supplies we need on a regular basis, and that of course includes food. But you do not have to go near another human being to obtain what […]

Items Worth Paying Extra For

On this blog site, we talk repeatedly about how to save money and how to make your hard-earned money go as far as possible. But there is another way to look at how you spend your money efficiently. And that is which items it is actually in your interest to splash the cash on. Because […]

Items That Should Be Bought Cheap

As we all try to tighten our belts right now, i return once more to the topic of food. Because we all have our favourite items and our favourite brands. But often we are paying extra money for things we don’t need to. I took a look at food that should be bought cheap. First […]

How To Deal With An Influx Of Money

We all dream of that day when we are suddenly awash with money. Sadly that day never comes for most of us. However, even for many who have struggled financially for many years, they will experience a sudden reversal of fortunes. It may be due to an inheritance, lottery win or a number of other […]

Ways To Save Money As A Tenant

For the many millions of us that rent our accommodation the need to save money right now is a pressing need. There are steps that we can take though to save those pounds and make cash go further. We took a look at ways to save money as a tenant.  Fill The Bedrooms If you […]

Ways To Reduce Food Waste

I am back on a favourite topic of mine – food! But what i wish to discuss this time is something i have mentioned before, but needs a new analysis. That is, ways to reduce food waste. In these difficult times, it is more important than ever, not just for financial reasons, but for environmental […]

Government Assistance During The Pandemic

For those in need of assistance during the pandemic, as the UK enters another lockdown, it is important to know what help is available out there for workers who have seen their earnings hit in 2020. We decided to do a new update on what is on offer. Here is the available government assistance during […]

Is This A Good Time To Borrow?

There are many of us who will be considering borrowing during these tough times. We are short on funds, and have things to pay for, as always. But whilst the financial world keeps on functioning as always, is it really a good time to be taking on more debt. We look at a key question […]

Increase Your Wellbeing

Our wellbeing is always important, but it has never been more important right now. We are living through difficult times, and many will struggle to get through the winter months. So it is vital that we do all we can to keep ourselves feeling as good as possible. So with that in mind, here are […]

More Ways To Get Free Food

In our last article we took a look at how to get free food.  But as a wrote the article, i soon realised there were multiple methods i had never even heard of or considered. So it is necessary to release this follow-up piece. Here are some more ways to get free food. Think Outside […]

Save Money On Heating Bills

So winter draws in, as do the nights, now that the clocks have been put back an hour. And as the temperature dips, our energy bills will naturally rise. But there is plenty we can do to ensure our bills do not shoot up. We take another look at hoe to save money on heating […]

Getting Free Food – This Is How.

Feeding those that struggle to get by has of course been headline news recently. And rightly so, as many are really suffering during austere times and a global pandemic. But there are other ways to get more bang for your buck. And to essentially get provisions without paying. Getting free food – this is how. […]

Tips To Survive A Lock Down Winter

The winter months ahead could be tough for millions of us in the UK and around the world. But there are things we can do to help ourselves and others. To make the process as painless as is possible. Here are some tips to survive a lock down winter. Tips To Survive A Lock Down […]

Survive A Lock Down Winter – Part 2

Having recently written about how to survive the prospect of another lock down, i realised there was still plenty more to say. So here is part 2, looking at further ways to survive a lock down winter. Lock Down Winter  – Keep A Routine Keep your mind and body active. There is little worse than […]

A Guide To Sensible Borrowing

Many of us are in a position where we may need to borrow extra money at the current time, or in the near future. This can be very daunting and stressful for those involved. But borrowing can be done in the right way, and be advantageous to those that use it. We have done a […]

Good Types Of Debt

Not all debt is bad. There are good types of debt too. Naturally in an ideal world we would not have debt of any sort, but do not assume that any form of borrowing is bad. It is not. We took a look at what may count as good debt.  Good Types Of Debt – […]

Bad Types Of Debt

We all have debt in our lives. It is something that is part of life for most people. However, for some, debt really influences their everyday functions. That is because there is good and bad debt. We take a look at bad types of debt. So What Are Bad Types Of Debt?opens in new window […]

Bankruptcy Explained

Bankruptcy is an issue few wish to discuss. A dirty word, almost. Sadly right now it is a topic that is very much in vogue.  Many are struggling financially right now, for obvious reasons. And for many, the best option may well be to enter into bankruptcy. We took a look at what is involved […]

Smart Financial Habits

Right now we all need some smart financial habits. We need to make our money work as hard as possible. But whatever the current circumstances, it is sensible to have these good habits at all times. They will serve you well. We take a look at some sound ones to adopt. Don’t Compare Yourself To […]

Savings To Make In October

As the seemingly endless restrictions due to a global pandemic continue, many of us find the period especially tough financially. That is why it is always worth regularly looking at what we can all do to help each other get by. And part of that is ensuring we seek out help and make what money […]