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Talking About Debt

Of course, debt is a significant financial topic that encompasses various aspects of personal, corporate, and national finance. Here’s a brief overview of credit, and why talking about debt is fine. Types of Debt Consumer Debt This includes debts incurred by individuals for personal or household purposes, such as credit card debt, student loans, and […]

Debt Is Not A Bad Thing

Debt can be a useful tool when managed properly and used for productive purposes. Here are a few reasons why debt might not necessarily be a bad thing. Investment Borrowing can be used to finance investments that have the potential to generate returns greater than the cost of borrowing. For example, taking out a loan […]

Talking About Debt

Debt is a financial obligation that occurs when one party borrows money from another and agrees to repay it, usually with interest, over a specified period. Here are some important aspects of talking about debt. Types of Debt Secured Debt Tied to an asset (e.g., a mortgage or car loan). If the borrower fails to […]

The Stigma Of Debt

Debt carries a certain level of stigma in many societies, and this stigma can be influenced by cultural, social, and personal factors. Here are some common aspects of the stigma of debt. Financial Judgment There is often a societal perception that individuals in debt have mismanaged their finances or made poor financial decisions. This judgment […]

Is Debt Ever A Good Idea?

Debt can be both a good and bad, depending on the specific circumstances and how it is managed. So, is debt ever a good idea? Here are some situations where debt can be considered a plus point. Investment in assets Taking on credit to invest in appreciating assets like real estate or a business can […]

Evaluating The Worth Of Debt

There is a natural tendency to see all money owed as a bad thing. But this is not necessarily the case. We thought it a good time to think about evaluating the worth of debt. Good Debt v Bad Debt Debt is good debt if it raises your net worth or has future value, according […]

Should I Pay Off Debt?

Should i pay off debt? The simple answer is yes. We look at what is involved. Banks Love Debt Debts usually cost more than savings earn. Cancel them out and you’re better off. Simply put, by saving money you are actually lending your money to the bank so that it can lend it to others. […]

Consequences Of Debt

At Moolr, we frequently discuss the repercussions of using our products. After all, it’s critical to be aware of them. But, what about the broader implications of owing money? It can have a wide range of affects depending on the individual. We look at the consequences of debt. Consequences Of Debt – We All Have […]

Not All Debt Is Bad

There is a tendency by many people to think of debt as automatically a negative thing. But this need not necessarily be the case. Borrowing is an essential part of life for many of us, and is a great help in getting us what we desire. We take a look at how not all debt […]

How To Stay Out Of Debt

We have all owed money at some point, but the credit that i talk about most is persistent debt. And that is what i want to talk about. If you are lucky enough to escape the circle of owing money, then it is imperative that you remain outside that circle. We took a look at […]

Reasons You Get Into Debt

This is a topic i know all too well. From buying one small item on my first credit card over 20 years ago, i have seen my debt spiral and then found myself in a debt trap. One that i am only beginning to escape in recent times. But why do so many fall into […]

The Varied Forms Of Debt

Debt is a normal part of most of our lives. It is problematic for many, but if handled correctly, is nothing to be afraid of. It comes in many formats however, which we thought worthy of further investigation. Here are the varied forms of debt. Mortgages This is a bank or building society loan that […]

Debt To Income Ratio

The fact is, most of us have debt. Some more than others, but it is a constant part of many of our lives. This can be something that you are comfortable with, or something that causes a lot of stress. And which camp you fall into may be linked to a subject that is not […]

Different Types Of Debt

Debt is a normal part of all of our lives, but can be a burden on our everyday functioning. It comes in many forms however, so we decided to take a deeper love. This is an examination of different types of debt. Mortgages This is a loan from a bank or building society that lets […]

The Effects Of Having Debt

We often talk here at Moolr about the consequences of using our products. It is essential to be aware of them after all. But what about the wider connotations of simply owing money. It can have very differing effects on different people. We examine the effects of having debt. The Effects Of Having Debt – […]

Good Debt v Bad Debt

The word debt is often seen as a dirty word. Let’s be honest, we would all prefer to have no debt at all. It is something to aspire to, though for homeowners it tends to be a dream reserved for later in life. But we need to reevaluate what debt is and what it means. […]

How To Gamble Responsibly

It is one of the oldest preoccupations in the world – that of having a bet on something. Since the dawn of time, man has bet assets on the outcome of a myriad of situations. And not just sporting events. It is ok to have a bet every now and then, and nothing to be […]

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A Look At Collection Agencies

It is not a nice topic to discuss, but real life throws up uncomfortable situations for us all. Moolr commit to sourcing competitive finance deals for all. However, we only look to accept those that are confident in making timeous repayments on any loan. Nevertheless, we all suffer from unforeseen circumstances sometimes. Occasionally, some borrowers […]


The Bailiffs: Collecting the debts

The word bailiff has the ability to strike fear into the hearts of many borrowers across the country. If you owe somebody money, or if somebody owes you money, one of the many ways to collect that money is through the use of bailiffs. What are they though? A bailiff is a person or persons […]

Redundancy And Debt

Redundancy & Debt – A Stressful Time Losing your job can be a stressful, emotional event that often forces severe lifestyle changes on an individual and their family. It can also have a devastating effect on a person’s finances. Debts can rise significantly as a result. Redundancy and debt go hand in hand for many, […]