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How Can Banks Go Bust?

They are back in the news, powerful institutions that you may think should be invincible. How can banks go bust, then? Well, for a variety of reasons, including, the following. Poor Management If  the owners of a bank manage it poorly, it may make bad decisions regarding lending and investments, leading to losses. Like any […]

What Your Bank Can Do For You

Most of us consider our bank to be standard. Regardless of what it gives, we tend to stick with the same one for the most of our life. We utilise it to deposit and withdraw cash. However, they have far more value than that, and you might be losing out on other benefits. Moor examined […]

Debt Reduction Mistakes To Avoid

The internet is full of financial advice. It is easy to be overwhelmed by it to be honest. And much of it revolves around advice for those in debt. We don’t want to confuse matters further, but we thought there were things we wanted to say, as it is a matter close to our hearts. […]

The Best Bank Welcome Offers

I have written before about banks, and how integral they are too our lives. And also about how attached we seem to be to our own bank, rarely changing like we would any other contract if a better offer came along. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at some of the best bank […]

Get The Most From Your Bank

Most of us take our bank for granted. We stick with the same one for most of our lives, irrelevant of what it offers. We use it to put money in and take money out. But they serve a much greater purpose than that, and you could be missing out on other advantages. Moor took […]

Differences Between Building Societies & Banks

All of us know about the existence of building societies and banks. But have many of us ever stopped to consider what the difference between the two are, when they both have so many similarities? Moolr stopped to give it some thought and looked at the differences between building societies and banks. Common Ignorance Not […]

Why Do So Few People Change Banks?

I guarantee that virtually everyone reading this has a bank account. And I will also guarantee that the bank you have an account with is the same one you had an account with 5, 10 or 20 years ago. And for me that is Natwest, because that is who my parents opened an account with […]

What to Look For In A Savings Account

Savings accounts are one of the most common finance products available in the UK. We all aspire to put some money away regularly as an investment or perhaps for a rainy day. Like many other financial products however, the competition is fierce for such accounts in a crowded market. With that in mind, Moolr put […]

The Advantages Of Banks

I think it is fair to say that banks have had a reputation problem for many years. not just in the UK. We all use them and depend on them too, but perhaps don’t trust them. They do after all make a lot of money, and  we have all had problems dealing with them. Many […]

How To Pay Less Tax

You’re probably already thinking – this sounds too good to be true. Fair enough. I would think that too! Nevertheless, there are totally legitimate ways that people can rearrange their financial affairs and pay less tax. Let’s look at ways to pay less tax. Tax Relief On Pension Payments Most contributions workers make to workplace […]

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Should you be using mobile banking?

Technology The use of technology and smartphones is increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives. Should you be making use of mobile banking to keep track of your finances? That’s a decision best left to you. However, mobile banking is becoming more secure. This is thanks to the implementation of fingerprint biometric scanners and facial […]