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Money Saving Ideas

It is that time of year again. An expensive month awaits for most, and many are struggling to get by as it is. With that in mind, we looked at some money saving ideas. Do Not Automatically Renew Subscriptions Don’t just accept the price you’re quoted when it’s time to renew your insurance. Using a […]

Ecological Money Saving Ideas

In many past articles we have explored ways to save money and make every penny go further. But in the current climate, there is a need to do this and think about the environment too, as we all must. We took a look at some ecological money saving ideas. Free water and energy-saving tools Reducing […]

Plan Ahead To Save Money

Planning. I will be honest, it has never been my strong point. My admin and finances have often been a mess, and it has taken a great effort and considerable discipline to make myself more organised. But it has undoubtedly saved me a huge amount of money. So here i think about one aspect of […]

Save Money Using What You Already Have

We talk a lot on this site about how to make more money, save money and make your funds go further to alleviate financial struggles. But perhaps an area we have not discussed is making savings with items and resources you already possess – so without losing anything essentially. Here is our guide on how […]

Ways To Accumulate Money

When talking about saving money, that phrase could be interpreted two ways. In this article we essentially mean ways to make your money go further, rather than build up actual savings. Though that could be the added bonus for you! Here’s a few ways to accumulate money you can implement immediately. Question All Your Costs […]

Ways To Save Money

This is something of a misleading title perhaps. This article is not about cutting down your costs, but about literally being in a position to save money. We took a look at those that are in a position to put some cash aside, and examined ways to save money. Ways To Save Money – Physically […]

Current Offers To Save You Money

As many will be struggling heavily with money right now. I thought it a good time to look at some of the offers that companies and the government are offering to assist at this difficult time. Here are some of the current offers to save you money. Credit Card Companies/ Loans/ Mortgages Etc If you […]

Free Things To Do In A City

Many of us often assume that to have fun and go out costs money. Often it does. But every city on the planet offers a wealth of free activities constantly that allows you to have an active social life without breaking the bank. Using my home city of Manchester as an example, I have had […]

How To Save Money

It’s easier said than done, but we all aspire to put aside some money for an emergency, a treat or a rainy day. But it is not easy for those that operate daily on a tight budget. With that in mind, Moolr took a look at how to save money. Save money without doing anything […]

Cut Your TV Subscription Costs

At Moolr we are passionate about saving people money, be it via competitive loans or through our blog section, jam-packed with ideas on how to make your pennies go further. With that in mind, in the latest of the series, we take a look at how to cut your TV subscription costs. YouTube YouTube is […]

Things To Buy 2nd Hand

It is human nature when looking to purchase an item to gravitate towards buying the item new. It is assumed to be in better condition, and have a longer shelf life. For some items this is undoubtedly the best option. Think mattresses and many items of clothing. But many other items are just as useful […]

Ways To Cut Your Energy Bills

With winter out the way, the warmer weather may bring you hopes of smaller energy bills. That is unless you’re a big user of fans of course! But the struggle to pay lower bills is constant, and not helped by the pricing models of the energy companies themselves. With that in mind, at a time […]

Ways To Bring In Extra Income

We all would like an extra bit of money now and again. With our busy lives though, that is easier said than done. Nevertheless, for many of us there are simple ways to bring in extra income without the hard work or stress. Moolr took a look at some of the options that may be […]

Reasons To Need Savings

We all want to save money for when we need something extra. For many of us though that is little more than a pipe dream. But if you can put away a few pennies here and there, it could have a crucial role in making life easier. Moolr have taken a look at reasons to […]

How I Saved Money In Past Year

When times are hard we all like to save money here and there. Or make our money go as far as possible. With that in mind, I spent the past year looking for ways to make my money go further, and this is what i discovered. How I saved money in the past year lists […]

How To Save Money By Planning Ahead

It is one thing that many of us are not great at, organisation. I certainly am not, but am trying to improve. This is a shame, because planning ahead can be a god send, financially. Thus, Moolr have taken a look at how to save money by planning ahead. Our advice covers all aspects of […]

How To Save Money On Food

Eating at home is always more economical than going out for a meal, but there are ways to save in the kitchen as well. As a nation, we waste a huge amount of food. We need to be smarter in how we spend money on food. I include myself in that. Here are some ideas […]

Money Saving Decisions That Actually Cost You More

We all constantly scour shops and the internet for deals that save us money. We constantly cut corners and avoid paying certain things to save money. But do they always work. Moolr have taken a look, and discovered some money saving decisions that cost you more in the long run. Using Offers For The Sake […]

Good Reasons To Buy 2nd Hand Items

To state the obvious, we all spend our lives buying, buying, buying. It is impossible not to. We need certain items to survive, to get through the day. We also like the occasional treat, as it makes us feel better, and life is for living. However, many of us only buy items that are new, […]

Holiday Hacks – Travel For Less

We’d all love to jet off somewhere nice at least once or twice a year and get away from the rat race. Unfortunately holidays can be very expensive. With that in mind, Moolr have some tips to make your dream experience cheaper. Don’t Be A Sheep It’s easy to fall into tourist traps whilst exploring […]