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The Disadvantages Of Renting

There are also some disadvantages of renting, along with some pluses. We took a look at potential issues. No equity When you rent, you’re not building any equity in the property. This means that you’re not getting any of the benefits of homeownership, such as tax breaks and appreciation. Disadvantages Of Renting – Less control […]

The Advantages Of Renting

There are many advantages of renting, including many of the following. The Advantages Of Renting – Flexibility Renting gives you the flexibility to move whenever you want, without having to worry about selling your home. This can be a great advantage if you’re not sure where you want to live long-term or if you’re frequently […]

Winning The Rental Race

It’s tough for many to find a place to rent in the current market, and current climate. But there are ways you can help your chances. We took a look at winning the rental race. The Situation In today’s market, trying to locate a place to rent and getting there before your rivals can feel […]

Reduce Costs When Renting

Saving money right now is a critical need for the many millions of us who rent our homes. However, there are methods we can do to save those pounds and stretch our money. We looked at ways to reduce costs when renting. Reduce Costs When Renting – Fill The Space You might think about renting […]

How Renters Can Save Money

We thought it pertinent to discuss how renters can save money, considering the financial struggles many are dealing with right now. We take a look at options available.  Seek Financial Help The cost of living is rising, and many people are struggling to pay their obligations. However, if you find yourself unable to pay your […]

Advice On Getting A Rental Property

If you need a new place to live in 2022 and require advice on getting a rental property, you have come to the place. We look at what steps you should take to ensure you stand the best chance of getting your desired home. Plan In Advance The majority of rental homes require a two-month […]

The UK Rental Situation

The housing market has seen huge changes and upheavals over the last couple of years, as people make new priorities in life and reassess their situation. We took a look at the UK rental situation. Rent Continues To Rise. The average cost of renting a home is close to £1,000 per month, thanks to rising […]

Renter Rights

Knowing your tenancy rights can be extremely beneficial,. From deposit protection and safety standards to the length of notice your landlord must provide you before evicting you.The government puts in place numerous rules to protect you if you rent a house in the private sector. Knowing your rights as a renter can be extremely beneficial. […]

Things For Renters To Consider In 2022

There are numerous things for renters to consider in 2022, as the property market changes, as does many of our futures. We took a look at what people looking for accommodation should consider before taking the plunge. Things For Renters To Consider – Anti Covid Measures The government has issued new recommendations to help prevent […]

How To Rent With Bad Credit

As i discovered myself recently, finding somewhere to rent may not be a simple process. Especially if you are self-employed, and/or have a mixed credit history. But it is still possible to find a place even if your financial history is not the best. We took a look at how to rent with bad credit. […]

Questions To Ask When Renting

As someone who is currently looking for a new place to live in, i thought it a good time to consider the best and important questions to ask when renting. Which Bills Am I Responsible For? In most circumstances, you’ll be responsible for all household expenditures associated with a rental property, so get a total […]