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What Are The Different Types Of Loans?

There are so many different types of loans that it can be confusing deciding where to start looking. Going for the wrong types of loan can also cost you more or prove to be too high risk. Depending on what you need the money for, and for how long, will often determine the type of […]

Different Ways To Borrow

At this current moment in time there are many in the UK that need financial assistance. Thus many will consider going further into debt, or perhaps into debt for the first time. They will consider borrowing money. But what is the safest, most sensible way to do this in the current climate? We look at […]

Different Versions Of Loans

They say there are a few things in life we can count on, death and taxes. If you are in the banking or the financial industry, you can also count on loans and lending. Loans and lending money out, and also people paying money in, are the foundations of banking. But there are many different […]

Which Type Of Loan Is Best For Me?

At some point in our lives we may need to borrow money, and not just a quick favour from friends or family, but a proper financial transaction that requires a contract, repayments and so on. As you probably are aware, it is not just banks that grant loans any more. There are loan companies that […]

The 3 Worst Ways to Borrow Money

As the economy remains shaky and banks tighten their borrowing criteria, many consumers look for new sources of funding as a result. Some avenues are straightforward and understandable. Some are not however. They have a high interest rate, fees and charges. Some of these are not obvious at first glance. Here are the three worst […]

The 3 Best Loan Options for you this Christmas

With all the excitement that comes with the Christmas season, no parent wants to have the horrible burden of telling their kids that Christmas has been cancelled this year. Financing Christmas with a Christmas loan is not the ideal solution, but it may be better than not having Christmas at all. So, with that let’s […]

What Will Loans Be Like In 100 Years?

The future of the loans market is assured. Personal loans and other forms of lending have been around for many centuries. They won’t be leaving anytime soon. The concept of lending is one that has been around for centuries as it is in human nature to engage in conversation and commerce. But what will loans […]


Which Type of Loan is Right for You?

Although something urgent may have come up, and you may need money in a rush, it is important to shop around. Make sure you are getting the best possible deal to suit your personal circumstances. When any lender makes you an offer – don’t panic and rush into the first thing you get. If you […]