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How To Shop For Food Efficiently

Going out for a meal is always more expensive than eating at home, but there are methods to save money in the kitchen as well. We throw away a lot of food as a country. We need to spend our money on food more wisely. In this, I include myself. Here are some suggestions for […]

Eat Well Cheaply

If I’m being honest, I spend a lot of time thinking about food. In fact, I’m practically always thinking about it. Cooking is something I enjoy doing, and I enjoy eating delicious cuisine. But, aside from the fact that I am not always efficient when it comes to purchasing food, the wonderful things in life […]

Foods You Should Stockpile

We thought we would take a look at another way of prepping for the unexpected things that life may throw at you. We have returned to the kitchen, and elsewhere in the home to examine foods you should stockpile. Why Stockpile? It’s a good idea to keep a modest emergency food supply on hand. If […]

How To Eradicate Food Waste

We live in strange times. We are having to adjust how we live our lives, and that includes how we shop for essentials. Whilst we are allowed to, our practices have changed a lot. But what is constant is the need for efficiency, especially if money is tight. So i looked at how to eradicate […]

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The world’s most expensive food

So, you’re a food lover and you decide to delve into the delicatessen. The art of fine dining, one that appeals to you. Thus, you want to experience the worlds most expensive dishes for yourself. So you take out a long-term loan for your adventure.  Here are three of the most expensive food for you […]